Our services

Juristerna Madsen & Partners is a law firm with a special focus on private law. However we also provide advice in the field of corporate law. With us, you can feel confident that your lawyer will work wholeheartedly and passionately with your case .

Family Law

Disputes within families are common and require a great personal commitment to resolve. Family law may include divorce or child custody and access. We can assist you in these kinds of cases, represent you in any dispute and establish prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, joint agreements and wills. In family law disputes, you can often get legal assistance or legal protection from your home insurance. We can help you to seek such assistance.

Business Law

Juristerna Madsen & Partners are always close at hand when you need advice pertaining to corporate law. This includes everything from counseling and mediation in disputes, as well as the sale or formation of companies, to questions regarding delayed delivery of goods and defects in goods. We also establish and review commercial agreements that limit risk and create added value for you and your business.


Disputes may refer, for example, to a dispute about money or property. We will assist you in these kinds of matters, both in case of court counseling or in order to resolve the dispute before it reaches the court. In most cases, you can get legal assistance or legal protection from your home insurance. We will help you to apply for this assistance.

Labor Law

We can assist you as your agent in negotiations, in disputes about payment or employment terms. This also applies to workplace conflicts that may apply to the work environment, if you have been discriminated or threatened with termination or dismissal. We can also establish and review labor law agreements.


Do you or your company have outstanding invoices that have not been paid? We can assist you in setting up payment reminders, claim letters and debt collection. We also create and review debentures.

Asylum and migration Law

Our lawyers have long experience in asylum and migration law. In many cases you may be entitled to public counseling, which means that the cost of your legal counseling will continue to be paid for by the state.

Social Law

We assist you with government and court cases, in cases of compulsory care according to LVM, LVU, LPT and LRV. In these cases, we work as a public assistant, which means that you as a client do not pay anything for our assistant. If you wish to be represented by any of our lawyers, you may request that he / she be appointed as your public counsel.

We also work with health and sickness benefit goals - in these cases, you are granted no compensation for your legal assistant.

Damage and insurance Law

Do you have difficulty interpreting your insurance contract? Have you been involved in a road accident or other accidents and are not satisfied with the compensation you have been offered by your insurance company? Are you wondering if you are entitled to sickness benefit, annuity or other compensation? Then you are welcome to contact us for a review and consultation of your case. In many cases, you may be entitled to free legal counseling or legal protection from your insurance.

Horse Law

Lawyer Daniel Madsen has experience with horse law and takes on assignments in this area of justice. Every aspect of the law related to horses is covered here - from buying and selling, setup and training, but also tax and deduction for horse activities.

Tax Law

Tax law is often complicated and is based on a comprehensive regulatory mass. We can assist you through ongoing advice on income tax, VAT and other indirect taxes. We have experience in conducting discussions with the Swedish Tax Agency and handle tax processes.